Talks and Walks

This page contains a list of recent talks I gave, walks I led and field outing I organised.

June 2015. BSBI (Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland) field meeting at Moor Copse Nature Reserve. The aim of the meeting is to repeat the 2007 survey and study floristic changes in connection with to management.

November 2014 – May 2015. Series of four informal field meetings about bryophyte identification: Ecclesall wood, Porter Valley, Fox Hagg, Wyming Brook. Joan Egan and I took a small group of keen learners out for them to get familiar with commoner mosses growing the in the Sheffield area. 4-9 attending.

April 2014. Plant Night, Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield. The Ecology of aquatic plants, 20 mins talk.

February 2014. Bryophyte recording near Fox House Pub, Peak District. Informal meeting of the South Yorkshire Botany Group.

February 2014. Walk on mosses and liverworts in the Porter Valley, organised by The Friends of Porter Valley.



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